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Carpet & area rug stain protection

Carpet & area rug stain protection

Fiber ProTector® - exclusively at Rustigian Rugs

We constantly look for ways to keep your home looking its very best - so we're especially excited to present Fiber ProTector®! This innovative broad-spectrum treatment is the most effective yet across the widest range of fibers:

* wool * cotton * silk * sisal *viscose * tencel * art-silk * leather * suede * and more *

Fiber ProTector helps keep your textiles clean, safe and stain-free - extending their useful life and protecting your investment in your home furnishings.

Benefits of Fiber ProTector

  • Effective: protects each fiber from oil- and water-based stains
  • Invisible: retains appearance, texture and breathability
  • Long-lasting: holds up through normal foot traffic and cleaning
  • Eco-friendly: safe for people, pets and the environment
  • Supports healthy living: inhibits mold, mildew, bacteria and dust retention
  • Increases comfort and durability: reduces static electricity and UV/sun fading

Ways to ProTect Your Carpeting or Area Rug

  • We can treat your new or freshly cleaned rug so it's protected before it hits your floor.
  • We make housecalls to treat your carpets, upholstery, pillows and drapes in one visit.
  • We can pre-treat upholstery textiles so they're ready for your upholsterer or custom fabricator.

Rustigian Rugs is Rhode Island's exclusive source for Fiber ProTector®. Call 401-751-5100 today to ProTect your soft surfaces!

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